Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tips to Improve Your Relationship

Tips to Improve RelationshipLately, I have suggested few things to do, in order to be happier with your partner. Naturally, every suggestion is just a chapter of the never ending story called love, sometimes it can help you, other times you will have to find a solution on your own. I will continue my demarche with new ideas for self-introspection.
If you think of love`s nature, it`s sharing the element that motivates us to form interpersonal relationships.

Theoretically, it sounds perfect, but reality proves that people aren`t very willing of sharing. For instance, how many times did you help somebody in need? As any other animal on the planet, the evolved human being is characterized by its survival instinct. The contradiction is obvious: love inspires you to give something of your essence, in order to be complete, would it be enough to break our protective shell?
I would say that love is a constant negotiating between your deepest desires and what you actually receive. You share kindness, you are likely to receive positive feedback. The major dilemma crossing your mind, while deciding to share your inner universe with the other one is what are the limits? Sharing all your properties, without asking a cent? Sharing all your dreams, when he/she doesn`t seem very interested? It`s up to you to answer these questions, according to your own experience.

Sharing is genuinely followed by the total support of your partner. The idea of supporting itself makes you think of limits, you can`t possibly help your partner when he is outlawed or keeps investing money in unprofitable businesses. Leaving behind these extreme cases, in my opinion I think supporting your partner means offering him/her sufficient help to develop own projects, maybe money, maybe a good idea. Would you stop here or would you ask your family and friends to help? Some people find it useful a large brainstorming, others would enjoy to keep the project as a personal action, with no external influence. You have to take in account every detail it bothers your partner, it might generate an unwanted dispute. Indeed there is a fine line between being supportive, indifferent or worse, being taken by fool, you will have to find the right path. I can tell you for sure, if you don`t support your partner, when he/she needs the most, your relationship will be have to suffer.  Probably for the moment, you will receive few reproaches, but I can assure you this episode won`t be forgotten soon.

Personally, the best way to improve your relationship is to make your partner feel happy every day. It appear to be an easy move, but have you said today `I love you`? When it was the last time you went out in town, only you and nobody else? How about cooking his/her favorite dish? Small things count in a relationship, don`t be afraid to be ridiculous, while trying. It will be fun to do the cooking together, much more it will strengthen the bridges between you. We come together because we are different, but we form a relationship, when each of us finds that the other one is reliable!

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